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Hydraulic & Belt Driven Chain Saws

These are our standard saws are for cutting wood. We can make custom saws on request.

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Chain saw products we do not support:

Limb Saws

We do not sell our saws for this application. Back in the mid 1980’s we worked with a company that pruned power line right of ways to develop a saw system we could sell. After a few months of experimentation the project was ended because it was not cost effective or productive enough to warrant further development.

We recommend using a rough terrain man lift that you can drive from the bucket with a gas powered chainsaw and gas powered pole saw to do pruning.

If you really want to try pruning from a skid steer I suggest you try using a gas powered saw, mount the saw bar to your pole and use a long throttle cable to rev up the saw motor. If you find this works so well you want to spend $1,000.00+ to make a hydraulic saw let me know and I will sell you parts and tell you where to get some of the other parts required.

Hand held hydraulic saws

Hydraulic saws for concrete or stone cutting

Gas powered saws

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