- Formerly Danzco -

Lap Cut Wear Rings

We are replacing glass filled wear rings with precision machined POM wear rings that are lap cut to improve life of all the hydraulic system components, and to reduce breakage from pressure spikes. Quick ship sizes are 2.504” ID x 2.750” OD x 1” long for a 2-1/2” diameter rods; 3.004” ID x 3.250 OD in 1” long and 1-1/2” long for 3” diameter rods; 3.750” ID x 3.995” OD x 1/2” wide for 4" bore cylinders; 3.750” ID x 4.020” OD x 1/2" wide for 4.025” bore cylinders; 4.750” ID x 4.994” OD x 5/8” wide for 5” bore cylinders; 4.750” ID x 5.019” OD x 5/8” wide for 5.025” bore cylinders. Other sizes can be made to order.

Lap Cut Wear Ring SR6034
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