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HLT Bearing Nuts

The HLT (high lock torque) bearing nut was originally developed for our 9EY000 Pivot Assembly to hold higher thrust loads and torque than standard bearing nuts and washers. Features include a thick tongued washer, a thick nut, a dog point set screw to pilot into the tongued washer, and a locking set screw. Other products that use these bearing nuts are the rotary root pruner and the 1500 HP belt drive. Quick ship sizes are listed below. Other sizes can be made to order. For more information call 360-264-2141.

HLT Bearing Nut Assembly

Quick Ship Sizes

Part No. Replaces Thickness Part No. Replaces
FNBD11 N11 Nut 1/2" FWBD11 W11 Washer
FNBD13 N13 Nut 3/4" FWBD13 W13 Washer
FNBD16 N16 Nut 0.72" FWBD16 W16 Washer
FNBD19 N19 Nut 1-1/4" FWBD19 W19 Washer
FNBD20 N20 Nut 1-1/4" FWBD20 W20 Washer
FNBD21 N21 Nut 1-1/4" FWBD21 W21 Washer
FNBD22 N22 Nut 0.78" FWBD22 W22 Washer
FNBD61 N11 Keto 500 Nut 1.024" FWBD61 N11 Keto 500 Washer
FNBD67 N17 Keto 1000 Nut 1.26" N/A N/A
FNBD69 N19 Heco Reducer Nut 0.80" FWBD19 W19 Washer
FNBD71 N21 Young Grapple Nut 1-1/4" FWBD21 W21 Washer
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