- Formerly Danzco -

Machine Shop Products

Our machine shop tools were developed for our in house use when we could not find a tool to do the job.

We have used a Bore Chucking live center since 1988 for machining hydraulic cylinder barrels without a steady rest.

The shaper cutting inserts were originally developed to machine the spline for a 2,000 Series CharLynn bearing less hydraulic motor shaft in a Haas VF3. After seeing how well the concept worked we have expanded the product line to do most internal splines, straight keyway, tapered keyways, square corners and hex shapes. We will be testing gear tooth cutting and other shapes in the future.

Measuring grooves in fluid power components can be challenging so we make caliper attachments to simplify the task.

We will be offering some 5S workstation products and drawer organizers soon.

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